Thursday, February 17, 2011

I'm so sore!

Made it to my water workout again yesterday, but never made it on here. We had a different instructor yesterday than we had Monday, and I was able to hear her better, so I was better able to keep up with what we were doing. After class I hit the track for a few laps just to get the feel of it.

Today is day 2 of Couch to 5K, and I'm going to go to the Y after lunch. It's not as busy then so it's easier to get a treadmill. I have my mp3 player (yes, mp3 player...not an ipod...I'm so old!) loaded with some old school Christian music from DC Talk, Newsboys, and Mercy Me and that gets me going!

Which is a good thing, because right now I'm very sore! I used to always hate the first week of track or basketball season because no matter how much I told myself that I would keep working out in the off season, it was never the same and I was always so sore the first week or two of getting back to my regular workouts. So, I know this will pass and will actually pass sooner if I stay with my workout. It's just not fun in the meantime!

So, I'm going to go get my stuff for my workout, then head over to the store first to pick up a few things. Then, it's off to the gym! Go me!

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