Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Home again

Today was a good day...just beautiful outside! I went down to the pool at the hotel this morning to get my water workout in, even tho I couldn't go to the Y. The pool wasn't heated, tho, so I didn't get the entire workout in because it was way too cold! Then, I was going to get into the hot tub to warm up a bit and stretch my legs out, but it was way too is starting to sound like the 3 Bears story!

Tomorrow I'll be hitting the Y again, it's Couch to 5K day! Going to drink my orange juice, eat my banana, and stretch really well both tonight and tomorrow and see if that helps with the cramping in my calf. Will try and get a good night's sleep tonight, too, because I'm sure that will also help. Last night wasn't too bad, but I forgot to take my pillow with me and had to use the ones from the hotel. They weren't too bad, but they weren't my pillow. And of course, the bed wasn't a memory foam mattress, so that didn't help. But at least it was a king-size bed, and that was nice! I would love for us to get a king-sized bed, but a new bed costs alot of money, and there's so many other things I need to spend that money on!

While I was waiting on Terry to finish up today I went to Hobby Lobby and looked at their yarn selection, which I must say was more extensive than I thought it would be! I picked up some free pattern sheets to add to my collection of patterns, and looked at the different yarns I would like to get to make each one of them! But, one project at a time, and right now it's the poncho I'm making for Syble. I hope to have it finished by this weekend and get started on the one for Anna next.

I'm not excited about the weather forecast for the next couple of days....winter weather makes another! My joints are letting me know that the forecast isn't too far off, which is not a happy thing. But as long as I can make it to the Y tomorrow to get my workout in, it should all be good.

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