Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beautiful day!

Today was such a beautiful day! It started off with services at Newspring Church and an excellent sermon from Jonathan Hoover, our associate pastor, finishing up the series "Going Pro". Then we fixed brunch and Terry spent some time playing fetch with Colby in the backyard. Colby is so good about bringing the ball back and not making you wrestle him for it.

About mid-afternoon, we loaded Colby up and headed out to the park. It wasn't a brisk walk, because Colby is still learning how to walk on a leash, but at least we were active today. I can tell that the weather is about to change again because of the way my joints are aching and my hands, fingers, and feet are so swollen. I did find some arthritis strength Tylenol at Walmart, and it helps a little bit. And since that's all I'm allowed to take, then I will appreciate any relief it can give me, no matter how small.

After the park, we stopped at the store because I finished my first knitting project and was ready to start my next one. I bought some heavy weight purple yarn and am making a poncho for Syble. Since it's a thicker yarn, and I'm using bigger needles, it's knitting up quite quickly. The knitting also helps to loosen up the stiffness in my hands and fingers, so it makes me more eager to knit.

In the morning I have my water class, so that will help with some of the stiffness, too. So, I'm off to bed so that I will be ready to get up in the morning. Good night!

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