Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dodge City

Well, we are in Dodge City, KS tonight! Right after we arrived, Terry had a conference call for work, so I changed into my workout clothes and headed for the hotel's fitness center. I had it all to myself at first, which was great, because it is a very small area! 2 treadmills, 2 stationary bikes, and 1 elliptical. I did most of my Couch to 5K workout, but my right calf kept cramping up, even tho I made sure to stretch really well today. My hands and fingers are very swollen today, too, and the longer I was on the treadmill, the puffier they got! By the end of 1 mile/15 minutes, my hands were throbbing. I drank an entire bottle of water while I was working out, too! So, I walked the last of the workout, cooled down, and called it a day. I'll try again tomorrow and see how things go. I'm going to go by the store and pick up some bananas when we go out to dinner and see if that helps any. I think I will also pick up some Gatorade and see if that helps. It sure helped during softball games!

I'm very proud of myself for not using being away from home as an excuse to not work out. This Sunday I am going over to my parents' house for a few days and I've already been talking to myself about how much fun it's going to be to run outside for my workouts! Just pray that there's no more snow, or I'm not sure I'll be able to convince myself. And I know from experience that if you miss one day, it's sooo much easier to make excuses about missing more days until once again, you're a couch potato! So if I can just push past this week 2 achiness and stick to my workouts, I know I'll be much more likely to stick to it long-term.

Tonight we are going to go to Boothill Casino and check out their buffet. Also, we want to check out the casino, too. I'm sure we won't gamble tonight, because we have no money to waste, but it's still fun to walk thru and see all the different machines and hear all the commotion that is in a casino. So, if we're going out, I better go get a shower. Even tho I didn't do my full workout, I still worked up a sweat! And I may hit the hot tub tonight after we get back to the hotel. That would sure feel good on my poor hands and fingers!

I heard on the radio on the way here that the forecast has changed once again, and there is a possibility of snow/wintry mix at the end of this week! Hopefully that will not happen, but if it does, I'm glad I drive a Jeep! I just hope that the Y will stay open. But, for now, the sun is shining and it's another beautiful day! So, time to hit the shower! Ciao!

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