Sunday, January 26, 2014

A week later...

So, this past week, Terry and I started changing our eating habits. We had also planned to begin our workouts, but Terry has been sick and I haven't felt 100%, so this past week has been concentrated on our diets.

We aren't doing anything radical, because that would be just setting ourselves up for failure, because it would be too difficult to maintain. Instead, we are watching portion sizes, eating more protein and making sure our carbs come from fresh fruits and veggies. And we're watching our sweets and fat intakes, and making sure they are healthy. For example, instead of a hot dog and chips for lunch, I had a lean ham sandwhich, with spinach and tomatoes, with a side of cottage cheese. Instead of drinking Dr. Pepper all day, I'm drinking water and at least 1 glass of milk per day. We've switched to low-fat cheese and milk. We're choosing leaner cuts of meat and avoiding highly processed foods. I'm cooking more from scratch so we can control what goes into our food.

Last Friday, before we started this, I weighed 243 pounds. That is the most I have ever weighed in my life! And that encludes all of my pregnancy weights! When I weighed this Friday, (2 days ago) I weighed 238.5! I realize that most of that is just excess fluid that I have been retaining from my poor eating and drinking habits. But it sure is motivation to keep on trying!

We are following the Body 4 Life program, and it suggests that once a week you should allow yourself to eat anything you want to eat, so that you don't feel like you will never be able to have your favorite foods again. So, after church today, I went by Hog Wild, my favorite bbq place here in Wichita, and picked up lunch for me and Terry. I got what I normally get, a loaded (huge) baked potato and pulled pork on the side. I couldn't eat it all! And while the first bites tasted heavenly, by the time I was about 1/4 finished with my meal, it wasn't as good. Finally, I stopped, and put the leftovers in the refrigerator to save for later. However, I'm honestly not sure I will actually finish it. It's just too much. I think I would much rather have a salad with some ham cubes, low-fat cheese, and a glass of sweet tea with lemonade for dinner.

So, that is how my first week has gone. It's been a good week. And here's hoping I can get back to the Y tomorrow and start with the exercise part of this. I know I will feel sore at first, but it will be a good kind of sore! And I am looking forward to the energy I know that it will give me! So here's to a good start, and even better, a good finish!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Another New Year....

2014. Another New Year and another chance to begin again. This past year has been a difficult one for me. Terry's job had some changes that has entailed a lot of traveling. I developed de Quervain's tendonitis in my left thumb and spent months getting that cleared up. In the beginning of the year, I was doing pretty well with my weight loss, but then when Terry was gone and I couldn't use my left hand, my depression increased, as did my traveling, and along with that, my weight. I currently weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life, even when I was pregnant!

So, it's time to get back on track! And this time, Terry and I are doing this together. We have reread our BodyForLife book and have shopped, and cleaned out tempting foods. I have not had any Dr. Pepper today and have managed to drink almost all the water I need to drink for the day. I had fruits and veggies today, and healthy snacks. Tomorrow, I head back to the Y. I am so ready to feel better! And I know that eating healthy and getting my exercise is the way to do it.

So, here I go again! Wish me well!