Thursday, February 24, 2011


I don't think I'm going to make it to they gym today. I can barely walk today because my knees hurt so much, as do my wrists, fingers, hands, and feet. Stupid arthritis! This will be a very brief entry, too, because I am having to make so many corrections because my fingers don't want to type what they're supposed to be typing. At least the arthritis strength Tylenol takes the edge off. I had to get my wrist braces out to sleep in last night. Tomorrow is my water workout and that will help loosen up my joints so that I can do my Cto5K afterwards. I'm repeating week 1 because I know I'm not ready to move on, but hopefully that will be the only week I have to repeat.

As for today, I'll try and keep my fingers from stiffening up too much by knitting, but I'll be keeping the heating pad on my knees. And praying that spring will come soon!

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