Saturday, August 27, 2011

Making progress!

It's Saturday, so this morning was my day to weigh and measure. I started keeping track of my weight and measurements the first of this month so I could see any progress I was making. I didn't post them when I first started, but wrote them down in the notebook I carry around with me. But today, I decided to go ahead and record it here, too.

Sat. 8/6/2011    weight-217lbs      body fat-49%    bust-46"     waist-44"       hips-49.5"     size-20.
Sat. 8/13/2011  weight-225lbs      body fat-48%    bust-47"     waist-43.5"    hips-51"        size-20
Sat. 8/20/2011  weight-221.5lbs   body fat-47%    bust-46.5"  waist-43.5"    hips-50"        size-20
Sat. 8/27/2011  weight-218lbs      body fat-50%    bust-46"     waist-42.5"    hips-46.5"     size-20

During the second week, I ended up putting on 8 pounds because I totally ate everything wrong that I possibly could! And I wasn't as good about getting to the gym and doing everything that I should. I still need to work on getting consistant at the gym and in my eating habits. But I've been trying to do better. And now I'm starting to see some real results, and that makes me want to keep doing this even more!

I missed a few days at the gym this past week, but I was really watching what I was eating. I didn't follow my meal plans exactly, but I did much better about keeping my calorie count where it should be, and I can see some positive results from that! Next week the pool is closed at our YMCA, but I can go to one of the other branches if I want. I am going to try and do my cardio on the track or the stationary bike this week and see how that goes.

Today, Terry and I went to the car show downtown and walked all around it, but the heat started to get to us, so we came on home. We're going to go again tomorrow after church and see the rest of the cars. I'm not sure how far we walked, and you can't really count it as cardio because we were strolling, but at least we were active!

After we left, I dropped Terry off at the house and went to go get my hair cut. I had missed lunch and was getting hungry, so I was tempted to stop in at McDonald's and get a burger and fries, but I talked myself out of it and came home after my haircut and had lunch here at home. I was very proud of myself for that, because before I would have eaten the burger and fries and not even thought anything about it. Then, after church, I came home and had a large salad with some of the leftover chicken from dinner a couple of nights ago chopped up on top. I'm nice and full and got my veggies and lean protein in today instead of all that fat and extra calories from the burger and fries!

I realize that these are the kinds of decisions I'm going to have to make for the rest of my life. And there are going to be days when the burger and fries are going to win. But instead of using that as an excuse to just give up on healthy eating, I instead have to just say okay and get back on track. And I have to learn how to make the things we like to eat in a more healthy manner and to eat the proper portion sizes. This is going to have to be something that I commit to for the rest of my life. Not just until I get down to the size that I want to be. If I want to stay at that size and stay healthy, this has to be a lifetime committment. And I have to make that choice, day by day. Today, I did good!

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