Thursday, August 4, 2011


I am very proud of myself, but very tired tonight! I went to the Y early so that I could do some laps and work on the breathing exercises for my swim lessons. I ended up swimming a total of 8 lengths of the pool, and then my legs were done! I did okay on the breathing, but not where I want to be yet. So, more practice tomorrow!

After the laps, I went to my water exercise class, and then, even tho I was ready to head home by then, I made myself head upstairs to the weight room and I did my workout! I was very tired by the time I finished, but very proud of myself for finishing! That is, after all, the goal!

I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands and now I have potatoes baking in the oven and Terry is grilling steaks out on the grill. I'm getting ready to go cook some long grain and wild rice to go with it, and get the salad stuff out of the fridge. I splurged today and had lunch at Subway, with lots of veggies! I wasn't so good with the cheese, because I had them add extra, but I skipped the chips and had a bottle of water instead of a soda, so I didn't feel too badly about the cheese. I was just really happy because the Subway in Terry's store, where I went, had both spinach and cucumbers to put on my sandwich! So I had the Italian BMT with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, spinach, bell peppers, and some provolone cheese. Add a little salt and pepper, and a small amount of creamy Italian dressing, and mmmmmm! Excellent lunch!

Now, to go finish fixing dinner. Then getting my bag ready for the gym tomorrow!

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