Sunday, August 21, 2011

ready to get back at it!

Well, Bailey and the kids have gone home, so tomorrow it's back to my regular workout schedule. I've been getting up around 8am this week with the kids, then dozing on the couch until 9am, which is still an hour earlier than I normally get up. And I've been heading to bed by midnight because I've been so tired. So, I'm going to try and keep that schedule and head to bed around 11pm and then be up every morning by 9am at the latest. I need to get myself on a good schedule so that I can get into a routine with my workouts and my eating.

So, this afternoon after everyone left, I went on Mobilefit and went thru the nutrition section and printed off the recommended diet plans for both me and Terry. I did some substituting on some of the meals, but stayed within the recommendations for the most part, and tried to get enough variety to keep us from getting bored. I printed off a week's worth of menu guides and will go back on later this week and go thru some of the recipes that they have so I can do some more subbing and get a bigger variety of meals. But using their substitution list, I get the right balance of carbs, fats, and proteins. And I get the right portion sizes for the amount of calories we each need each day. I do need to go back and figure in Terry's tea that he drinks and allow myself a little Dr. Pepper until I get weaned off of it altogether. But I'm not going to try and just quit because that always gives me some really bad headaches. But I'm doing better and have already really cut down on how much I drink.

Tomorrow I'm also going to make an appt to go see a dentist and get started on getting my teeth fixed. I have several broken teeth and sometimes it's hard to eat because they hurt sometimes and little pieces break off and then my tongue gets sore from the rough spot. And I've heard several times that to really be healthy, you have to have a healthy mouth. So, even tho going to the dentist terrifies me, I am determined to get something done about these teeth!

Sat. was my last swim class and we worked on our breaststroke. I started to kind of get it by the end of class. The only way to get better is to practice, tho. What I want to do is start swimming laps every day for part of my cardio workout, plus go to my arthritis water workout. Then, 3 days a week, to go upstairs and also do my weight workout. I really like the 11:30 class for my arthritis class, so I'm going to keep that. I've been doing my laps after that, then heading upstairs to do my weight workout. That means on the days I do my weight workout, I leave the house around 11:15 and don't get home until about 1:45. In order to follow my meal plan with my meals and snacks, that schedule just isn't going to work. So, I want to get up between 8:30-9am and eat breakfast, head to the Y by 10am on the days I'm going to do my weights and do that workout, then have my snack, then do my laps before my water class. Then, I will be home a little after 12:30 and can have my lunch. Then I will have a bigger block of time, too, to get things down around the house and to work on my projects. So, we'll try it out this week and see how that works, then make adjustments as needed.

I also need to remember to check my blood pressure every day. The dr. switched my bp meds this past week and wants me to keep track for the next 4 weeks and then come back and see him to go over it and see if the new meds are working. Hopefully this new one will work without some of the side effects I experienced with the last one.

Okay, time to go get my bag ready for the gym tomorrow, then head to bed. I'm ready to get back at it!

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