Monday, August 22, 2011

I'm glad it's Monday....

Today was a good, if long, day! I made it to bed last night by midnight and was up around 9:30,  which is a little later than I meant to be up, but earlier than I normally get up, so it's good. I spent over 30 minutes on the phone trying to make a dental appt, but they were all booked up, so I have to call back next Monday. Oh well!

Because I was on the phone so long, I left to head to the gym a bit later than I had planned, so I was able to do my weight workout before I went to my water class, but I didn't get my laps in today. I didn't do them after class because I was trying to get over to the store to do the shopping before it got too late. I managed to get almost everything on my list, so that was good. Since tomorrow is my birthday and we are going out to eat for dinner, we are going to officially start following the eating plans I printed off on Wed. I am going to follow mine tomorrow for everything but dinner. We had planned to go to Kobe, the Japanese steak house, but now I'm thinking maybe Hog Wild barbeque instead. I guess we'll see what I'm in the mood for tomorrow!

The dr. switched my heartburn medicine this past week and I'm not sure I like this new one. I'm still having some in the late afternoon and early evening. Hopefully this new one will kick in soon and take care of this. I also need to get the head of my bed elevated like the dr. suggested. I really think that will help.

My Bears are playing tonight, but they aren't doing too well. But it's still preseason, so I'm not worried. Terry and I are hoping to get up to Chicago and go to a game this season. That would be so awesome! So I need to really be good about making it to my workouts and sticking to this eating plan so that I will be able to wear my Urlacher jersey!

With that in mind, I'm going to go get my bag ready for tomorrow and then head on to bed to finish watching the game. And then, tomorrow I'm going to enjoy my birthday!

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