Wednesday, August 3, 2011

and.......I'm back!

Wow....I haven't posted a new blog since May! I have been slacking! I have to admit that I also slacked off on my workouts, too. I really meant to workout while I was in Arkansas waiting on Elijah to arrive, but I didn't. Then, after I got back home, we had people coming to visit and it was easy to use that as an excuse to wait to go back to the gym. Then we got the new YMCA program guide in the mail, and I realized that I had run out of excuses and I had to get back to the gym.

So, I went back, and I had gotten a message from my trainer that they had gotten in some new shirts and I could pick mine up anytime. They had also started a reward program for the points that we were earning when we logged in our workouts with Mobilefit. And I found out that I had earned enough points to not only get my shirt, but to also get a free session in a class of my choice. So, I signed up for the adult swim lessons for August.

Today I went to my first swim class. Since I was the only one, they cancelled the class and put me in the Sat. morning class, which I didn't pick in the first place because it's at 8am! But I really want this class, so I agreed to go on Sat. But I did get my class today and it was a very good class! I have always had problems with my breathing when swimming with my face in the water. We worked on that for most of the class. I also told my instructor that I tend to go with the backstroke because I feel more comfortable with it. He watched me do my backstroke and said it looked good! I was very happy to hear that because I wasn't sure I was doing it properly. The only thing he suggested was to try and get my kick closer to the surface of the water so that my feet didn't pull my body down. By the time my session was over, I was tired! And then I went to my arthritis water class after that.

I was planning on heading upstairs to do my weight workout after my water class, but I was just too tired. Tomorrow I'm going to go to my water workout, then do my laps in the lap pool, working on the things that we covered in my swim class today. I'm going to try and go upstairs and do my weight workout, too. Then, I need to try and figure out what my workout routine is going to be.

I think the main thing that I need to do now, is to get into a routine. It needs to be so ingrained that it is automatic. It has to be such a habit that it feels wrong to not workout. That's my goal.

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