Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I'm sore

Today I did my alternate workout using the stability ball, hand weights, and the resistance bands and I sweated more and am more sore than any day working out on the weight machines! And I used lower weights! However, I also had my own body weight to figure in there, and let's face it, that is considerable! However, if I keep up this workout, that body weight should start to get smaller.

I tried to be more conscious of what I ate today and how much, but I'm not sure how I did. I downloaded an app on my phone that will keep track of my calories consumed and burned, so I will start using that tomorrow.

Next week we are going on vacation, so I have gone thru the stuff in the house and garage and found the resistance bands and hand weights, and I bought a balance disk. I thought I had a stability ball, but I couldn't find it. We may have sold it in our garage sale before we moved to Kansas. I'm going to see if Bailey still has the one she had and just borrow it while I'm over there instead of buying one. I know she has a pilates mat I can use. But I am determined to make sure I workout while I'm gone. I think the kids will get a kick out of it and want to workout with me. I will have to make sure to get some pictures of it if they do.

I have been carefully monitoring my blood pressure this week, too. On Monday I was feeling a little off and I took it and it was way low. I hadn't taken my meds yet, so that was a little surprising, and I'm not sure why it went so low. But today was the first day that I took anything because it was the first day that it was high enough to need anything. I've been keeping a log of my bp, too, and will continue to monitor it closely. If it continues to stay down, I'll need to go see the dr. and have my meds adjusted. I'm hoping that soon I will be able to get off of it completely! Even tho I haven't really lost any weight yet, I can tell that I'm starting to get a little stronger. And as soon as I get my eating under control, I should start to see a difference on the scale!

I was telling Terry today about my workout, and how I was doing wall sits and my thighs weren't very happy with me. Then I moved on to lunges and my knees were starting to rebel. Finally, came the ab workout and my entire body was like "did we sign up for this? I don't think so!" But I perservered and my body is in rebellion tonight, so I promised we would only do cardio tomorrow. (which was the plan all along, but shhh! Don't tell my calves!)

So, it's time for some Tylenol, then off to bed. I'm sore, but I'm also very proud of myself for sticking to this!

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