Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday, Monday.....

Today I met with Cierra for my final free session. It was a really good session. She helped me set up my nutrition page on MyMobileFit and then we went over some alternative exercises for my lower body and core. My abs are very sore tonight! My thighs are doing a little complaining tonight, too. But that's okay, because I needed to step it up a little bit.

The biggest thing now is to stay with the exercise program that Cierra and I have set up for me, and to add the nutritional portion we set up today. If I follow it and stick to it, I should be able to lose 2-3 pounds per week. If I do that, I will be at my goal weight by mid-November of this year! So, that would mean that for Christmas I would be asking everyone to give me clothes or gift cards to go shopping! :-)

I've taken my blood pressure several times today and it has been low. I didn't take my medicine today because my pressure was already so low. It wasn't too bad when I first took it, after my water class. After my workout, I was feeling a little light-headed, so I took it again and it was even lower. I need to get out and go to the store here in a little bit, so I'm going to check it again when I go out and see if it has come up any. I came home and ate some chips, hoping the salt would help it go up some. We'll see, tho. I still have a slight headache. But right now, Terry's home, so it's time to go spend some time with him!

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