Wednesday, May 4, 2011

it's a beautiful day!

Having a really good day today! I got up early and got around in plenty of time to go to the Y this morning. So I didn't have to rush and that was nice. I went to my water class first, then showered and headed upstairs to do my weight maching workout. Day 2! I printed out my workout so I would have a sheet with the weights printed on it that my trainer and I had decided on, and then I went to work. It felt good, even tho it's still a little slow because I had to keep referring to my printout to see what I was supposed to do next. Also, had to go downstairs to use one machine because the one upstairs is out of order. Oh well, going up and down the stairs a few times is just a bonus to my workout!

I took my blood pressure after my first class and then again after my weight workout. It was right around where it should be and I only took 1 med this morning. So, hopefully this working out is helping with my blood pressure and I really wouldn't mind if I had to go see the dr. again soon to get my meds adjusted for that! My goal is to eventually not need to take blood pressure meds at all!

Right now, I take medications for ADD, bipolar disorder, asthma, acid reflux, and blood pressure, plus a magnesium supplement and a glucosimine/condroitant supplement. I would love to get rid of as many of these as possible! Realistically, tho, I probably will have to stay on at least the first 3. But that would still be better than the 7 things I take now! And it would be a whole lot cheaper!

I wasn't too sore after Monday's workout, so we'll see how it goes after this one. Mom and Daddy are coming for a visit tomorrow and staying for several days. I won't want to take time away from our visit, but I also don't want to miss my workouts. I think what I'll do is just go on MWF while they are here. I might see if they want to come with me one day, too. It's just so expensive for them to go! $10 for just one of them and $18 for both of them! Of course, that's probably good for all day, and it does mean that they have full use of the facilities, so that's probably actually a really good deal, but it's just too expensive to pay almost $20 for them to come with me 3 times. Plus, we want to go fishing and bowling while they are here, too, and that will take money. But I may get up early while they're here and go back to the 9:30 water class so that I can be done with my total workout by 11:30 and back at the house for the rest of the day.

I'm very excited about my parents coming for a visit. They've only been over here once since we moved here and that was just for the day. There's alot to do around Wichita, and I'm looking forward to showing them around!

And now, I'm going to get my book and head out into the backyard to sit in my hammock chair and enjoy the beautiful day!

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