Tuesday, May 10, 2011

new, new, new

I met with Cierra, my trainer, yesterday and she showed me some alternative workouts if I don't, or can't, do the weight machines. We just covered upper body yesterday, altho several of the exercises also worked my core muscles, too! And my back can really feel it today! So that was new.

Terry is in Wisconsin this week, so it is just me and Colby here at the house all week. That is new, because usually I don't like to stay by myself and I go stay with the kids. But I wanted to do this and show myself that I could. The days aren't so bad because there's always something to do. It's the nights, when it's dark, that bothers me.

Another new thing is that I'm going to go try the Zumba class tonight! It's from 5:30-6:30, so I should get back in time for my show, The Biggest Loser. I'm looking forward to it, but of course, I'm a little nervous because it's something new. So I'm am trying very hard not to talk myself out of it!

So far I haven't lost any weight since I started this blog. I've probably even gained a few pounds. But yesterday I started keeping a food journal and keeping track of my calories in and calories burned. I knew that I would do better if I focused on getting started on one thing at a time. And now I'm going to workout regularly, so now it's time to address the diet. *SHUDDER* This is probably the part I have dreaded the most, which is why I addressed it last. But I have to get control of myself and what I eat. No more rebellion. It's time to learn self control!

I'm also getting ready to go out and go do shome shopping. I'm going to hit all the Goodwill stores in our area this afternoon and find me some shorts and some summer tops that are in my size. I'm tired of wearing the same 2 pairs of shorts and big sloppy t-shirts everyday. It's hard to stay motivated when I look so fat and sloppy. I think it would be easier to feel better about myself if I looked good. And when I feel better about myself, it's easier to workout and eat right, because I want to continue to look and feel good!

And as I leave, I'm taking my stuff with me for the Zumba class, that way I can't use that as an excuse not to go! So.....off I go, in search of "new" stuff!

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