Tuesday, August 16, 2011

grandkids are here!

Bailey and her 5 precious kiddos are here this week, so I haven't gone to the gym so far. I've been chasing after the kids, tho, so I've not been totally couch-bound! Today Noah had me running up and down the driveway, pushing him in the Cozy Coupe so he could "go faster, Mosey!" And Isaiah keeps everyone on their toes! Yesteday, while Bailey and Terry went to the store, Isaiah was playing outside with the older kids. They came in and he refused. I got the kids settled in the living room, realized Isaiah was still outside, so sent Anna out to check on him. She came running in to tell me he was on top of the slide, standing up, with no clothes on! I went running outside, and sure enough! There he was, with no diaper in sight. He was not happy when I grabbed him and hauled him inside to get dressed! Terry and Bailey arrived home and I sent Terry out to find the diaper before Colby could go outside and find it instead. So much fun!

Tomorrow we may try and go over to the Hopper's and go swimming, if the weather cooperates and it fits in with their schedule. Kelle was nice enough to invite us over and the kids will be thrilled to take her up on it. I have a dr's appt. at 2:30, so that will mean that we will have to get home in plenty of time to get the little ones down for their naps.

Now, I'm going to go to the store to get a lemon so Bailey and I can try out a new chicken recipe. I sure eat a lot better when they are here!

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