Wednesday, October 26, 2011

back again....

Once again I am posting after not posting for quite awhile. I am going to try and be more consistent with my workouts and my posts! Especially during the next 8 weeks while I am trying to do the very best I can so I will be in the very best shape I can be for Elizabeth and Jon's wedding ceremony! Ideally, I would like to make it down to a size 14 by then, but I know that a 16 is more realistic. But I'm still going to shoot for the 14 and be happy with whatever I achieve! As long as it is not a 20, I will be happy!

I have really been good about working out this week! Not only doing my water class and my weight workout, but adding extra cardio, too! I am really trying to watch what I eat, and I have really limited my Dr Pepper intake! As in, none yesterday and so far, none today! But lots of water and Powerade! I try to limit the Powerade, too, since it does contain some calories. And I can't drink the light variations of anything because of the aspertame. It's not worth the horrible headaches to save a few calories.

Didn't swim my laps today, but did do the bike and track, along with my water class and weights. We have Judgement House tonight at church, so I will be on my feet for about 4 hours, so I think I'll be good. Just need to make sure I only eat healthy snacks tonight and not junk!

Gotta go to the store, then make some earrings this afternoon. Will try and play some ball with the puppies before we head to church. Our sweet Ella could stand to lose a few pounds, too! More tomorrow!

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