Thursday, October 27, 2011

another day of cardio!

Whew! Am I glad my workout is finished for the day! I am hot, sweaty, and exhausted! Well, maybe not exhausted, but I'm done. I didn't swim my laps today because I got around late and didn't make it to the Y until time for my class. I don't like do my laps after class because the full size pool is heated quite a bit and the lap pool is not. So when I go after my class, the lap pool feels even colder because I've been in the warm pool. And I have a hard time putting my face in the water and doing my breathing correctly when it's that cold.

The one thing I did realize today, tho, is that I burn less calories when I don't swim. I did make it to 4 miles on the bike today, and I walked my mile in 18 minutes. So that was good. I checked my bp after I finished working out and it was 106/85. I took my meds this morning, so I'm sure that helped. I just want to keep an eye on it because last time I was consistent with my workouts, my blood pressure went down and if I took my meds it actually would go too low! So I want to make sure that doesn't happen again.

I made sure that I ate breakfast this morning before I left for the gym, and after I entered my workout on MobileFit, I had burned just over the calories I consumed for breakfast. I need to go to the store and get some groceries because our cupboards are looking pretty bare. I want to go get some healthy snacks so that I don't undo all the good I do with my workouts. I also want to make sure I'm eating the best things I can to keep my body fueled for the workouts that I am doing. It wouldn't do any good to workout if my body isn't getting the nutrients that it needs.

My dr. switched my ADHD meds, and the new one is working pretty well. I'm able to stay focused just as well as with the other one, and I'm not quite as sleepy with it as I was on the first few days. One of the possible side effects is loss of appetite, and mine has settled down some. I'm not like I was when I first started the Concerta, where I was hardly eating anything and lost 80+ pounds in about 5 months. My bi-polar meds made me eat alot and gain weight, and it looks like the ADHD meds are going to balance that out so that I can eat just what I need to eat to be healthy, but not feel like I'm starving. So that is a bonus to the medicine. Woo hoo! But the main thing is that I am able to stay focused and can concentrate on one thing for longer than a minute!

Okay, I'm all cooled down from my workout, so I'm going to head home, then to the store. Will post another update tomorrow!

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