Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7 weeks, 4 days until the beach!!

In 7 weeks and 4 days I will be on the beach in South Texas! We have already made our reservations at a campground in Fulton, TX and I have already started gathering up the stuff we will need to take with us. We have made a list of all the places we want to eat at while we are there. And there will be plenty of beach time, along with visiting friends and going to see the Hooks play. I am sooo excited about our trip, and I know it will be so hard to leave and come back to Kansas, but I am going to enjoy every minute while I'm there!

But along with the anticipation of the trip, there's the consternation of hitting the beach weighing over 200 pounds and wearing a size 20. Do you know they don't make all those cute swim suits in size 20? Or if they do, they're not so cute when you put them on. I know that I am not going to be able to get down to a size 8 in just 7 1/2 weeks. But I think a size 16 is completely doable! And to keep myself motivated, I'm printing out some of my favorite beach pictures from when we lived in South Texas and I'm going to dig out my smaller swimsuits and hang up the pictures and swimsuit where I can see them everyday and stay motivated!

Since I haven't been consistant with my workouts, I started slow last week, with some exercises I got from Pinterest. This week I headed back to the YMCA to my water workout class and swimming laps in the pool. I swam 1/4 mile yesterday and today, in addition to my arthritis water workout, and today I also walked on the track for 30 minutes. Then I came home and had a good lunch, with a bowl of mixed berries for dessert. I'm getting ready to go finish up my workout with the exercises from Pinterest.

Tonight I'm going out to eat with our Small Group and we're going to Sumo, a Japanese place. I'm really looking forward to it! I'm not sure how healthy it will be, but I've tried to be really good all day to help make up for tonight.

So, I better go finish up so I can jump in the shower before I have to leave. I'm moving a little slow today because I'm not used to working out this hard. But I know that that will pass in a few days and it will be worth it when I feel better!

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