Thursday, March 15, 2012

I smell like chlorine!

Even after I shower and wash my hair, I still smell like the pool! Maybe because I'm spending almost 2 hours a day in the pool, ya think? But it's okay, because I know that the more time I spend in the pool working out, the better shape I'm going to be in eventually!

It felt really good this morning when I got into the water for my arthritis class. We do a lot of range of motion exercises in that class, using the water as our resistance. We also walk back and forth and do some aerobic exercises, too. It is a great way to warm up my body before I swim my laps or hit the track. It's also a great way to finish up a workout. So whether I do the rest of my workout before or after class, I always want to do my class! I just feel better on the days I go.

I'm still a little sore today. I woke up a couple of times last night because my knees were hurting. But it's also a little cloudy today, so the weather could be playing a part in that. I thought about getting into the hot tub at the Y, but the last time I did that my swimsuit faded a lot, even tho I washed it after I got home. Plus, there's always a lot of foam on the top of the water, and the sign next to the hot tub says that comes from sweat and body oils, so please shower before getting into the hot tub, but no one does. So I would just rather come home and take a soak in my own bathtub!

I'm getting ready to head to the store and go swimsuit shopping. Since I wear my swimsuit every day, it's wearing out pretty fast. Of course, it's one of my old suits, so that also contributes to the wear. My problem is that I'm so picky about my suits. I don't really want anything with fancy decorations, because this suit has to be in the pool daily and get rinsed out daily, and washed a couple of times a week! So it has to be able to stand up to all that. Plus it has to stay in place while I'm swimming. I can't be constantly tugging my suit back in place.

So, I'm headed out to brave the stores, then coming home to watch Abduction and play with some new weaves with my paracord. It's a great day!

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