Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sweatin' to the oldies...

Well, I had planned to get up early enough this morning to go to the store and see about getting a new pair of goggles, because Colby decided to use my old ones as a chew toy. Terry found most of the pieces outside in the backyard! However, I kept falling back asleep, so I finally got up and fixed myself a good breakfast. Then I took my time getting around and making sure I had everything else I needed. I went to my water exercise class, then headed upstairs. Yesterday I tripped myself a couple of times while walking on the track, but I managed to catch myself before I actually fell. I really need some new sneakers, but those will just have to wait until after Christmas. So instead of walking, I added the time to my time on the bike. I was so sweaty and tired by the time I finished! Whew! I had the Newsboys playing on my phone and it was hard to keep myself from singing along, but for the benefit of all those working out around me, I restrained myself! They don't know how lucky they were today! :-)

I'm going to have a light lunch, then get a shower and head to Walmart. I missed swimming my laps. The bike is good, but swimming works out my entire body and believe me, my entire body needs the workout! I swam yesterday without goggles and quickly realized why I wear them. I have a hard enough time staying straight when I can see....there's no hope when my eyes are closed!

I also want to try out the eliptical that Terry brought home. I didn't like it much in the past, but who knows, maybe I will now. I'm also going to set up a Pandora station so I don't have to figure out where my cds are!

Have a good afternoon!

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