Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finally....a new post!

I am not a good blogger. I go for months without posting anything. But, here I am, finally, with a new post. There have been quite a few changes in my lifestyle since my last post. So, here's the update:

At the end of June, I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and put on 4 different medications to control my blood sugar and blood pressure. I had to start testing my blood sugar levels and really get serious about my diet. I went to see the Diabetes educator and that really helped me a lot! I learned that I can still eat just about anything I want, I just have to be smart and do some planning.

When I saw the dr. in June I weighed in at 224 lbs. Today I weigh 202 lbs. My goal was to be at 199 by today, but as you can see, I didn't quite make it. But I think I should be there within the next week. I was also in a size 20 jeans, and today I can easily fit into a size 16. I have pretty much cut out all soda, altho I do still have to have a small one when I go to the movies and have popcorn. I have cut out most sweets, or have found a sugar-free alternative. I am eating a lot more fruits and veggies and cutting back on starches, which was very hard for me! But I am slowly getting there!

I will post some pictures later, to show my progress. I need to go run some errands with my mom right now. And I will try and be better about posting more often. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! We're going to try and get some things done around the house before the weather changes.

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